FiloMak Filling Machines

  Thanks to our over 26 years of industrial experience, we are proud to be able to fully meet our customers' worldwide machinery needs.

   FiloMak entered the production of industrial automatic filling machine and automatic capping machine with a capacity of 2.500 pieces per hour in 1996. Today, our company operates in 70 countries with more than 1200 machines. Over our 26 years of industrial experience, we are proud to express that our power stems from our world wide customer base putting their trust in us. Since 2003, our company has added automatic labeling machines to its standard machine production portfolio. It has become a well-known leading manufacturer in filling, sealing, labeling and traceability of liquid and semi-liquid products. Our current standard product range includes filling machines, capping machines and labeling machines capable of packaging up to 3,000-3,500 units per hour, capable of meeting the most complex requirements of any customer. Every machine can be designed to be modular and expandable, and all components are accessible, making them easy to use and replace.

  At FiloMak, we are improving our advanced filling machine, capping machine and labeling technology day by day, thanks to the contributions of our expert staff and our customers who are always ready to demand innovative and customized solutions. Building the most advanced, high-performance machines requires experience, organization, skill, attention to detail and passion for engineering.

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