We offer machines with 2-4-8 nozzles in line with capacity and customer demand


Technicial Specifications

 Filling range from 100 ml - 1000 ml / 250 ml - 2000 ml / 1000 ml - 5000 ml

 Two (2), four (4) and eight (8) filling nozzles

 Filling Speeds: Up to 50 bottles per minute

 Accuracy: +/- 0.3%

 PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings.

 Control Unit : Panasonic brand PLC Control System.

 Volumetric filling system by piston pumps, driven by servo motors.

 40% more efficient and quiet operation compared to the mechanical system.

 The nozzles have a special design avoiding the production of foam even at high filling speed.

 50 products can be stored in memory for recall.

 Pneumatic material: festo

 Liquid contact parts in stainless steel SUS 316.

 Optional C.I.P convenient cleaning systems


Products you can fill

Personal Care & Beauty Products Application Examples: Bath Oil, Colognes, Conditioner, Creams, Deodorants, Detergents, Dyes,Gel, Hand Soap, Lotions,,Perfumes, Shampoos, Vitamins, Sunscreen Lotion etc...

Industrial Application Examples: Chemicals, Oil, Fabric Softener,motor yağı,sıvı gübre,Paint, AntiFreeze, Glass Cleaner, Household Cleaner, Car Cleaning Products, Floor Wax, Stain, Bleach, Acetone, Abrasives, Brake Fluid, Caustic Liquids etc...

Food Applications Examples: Salad Dressings,Vinegar, Juice, Brine, Soy Sauce, Alcohol, Honey,BBQ Sauce, Vinegar ,Oil, Hot Sauce, Ketchup,Honey etc...

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